Stratus Tips & Tricks

Use the tips and tricks below for help adopting TU’s new business platform, Stratus. To learn more, access the full suite of Stratus training materials.

Disable Pop-Up Blockers
Web browser pop-up blockers can prevent Stratus pages from displaying. Here’s how to disable them if a Stratus page doesn’t appear:

  1. Look for the pop-up blocker icon in your browser window. It’s usually in the top right corner, identified with a red x.
  2. Click on the icon and select the option to always allow pop-ups from the Stratus URL.
  3. Click Done/Save.

disable pop-up blocker

Set Your Default Email to Approve/Reject via Outlook
If clicking through a Stratus email notification launches a blank browser window, it means your actions (such as approve, reject, or request info) are not going through. Fix this by setting your default email to Outlook. Here’s how:

  1. Using the Windows search feature, search for “Choose a default email app.”
  2. Under Email, click on the email app displayed.
  3. Select “Outlook” from the list of apps.

Mac users should follow the instructions for setting a default email app on a Mac.

Complete Stratus Training
All TU employees should complete the self-guided training for Stratus modules they expect to use. Start with general navigation, employee reimbursements, travel and purchasing. Financial stewards and cost center managers are required to complete training for all Stratus modules.

For additional assistance after completing the training, sign up for an office hours session with a Stratus expert. Sessions are available through August 12. For questions, contact the Stratus Financials team.


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