Policies and Procedures


Towson University publishes news and announcements in a blog format, accompanied by a system wide email announcement linked to full blog articles. TU Today serves as the university’s official means of communication with faculty, staff and students. It decreases the number of all-campus email messages and provides an accessible archive of past news and announcements. TU Today can be accessed through computers, tablets and mobile devices.


The TU Today email announcement is distributed daily with the headlines and short descriptions of all new posts. Headlines are hyperlinked to the full posts. Announcements are allowed to be posted a maximum of three times per week under the condition that the headline is altered to reflect something new each time. Posts that do not follow this new policy will be removed. Announcements that need to be seen for more than three days can be listed under the separate Important Posts sidebar on the TU Today website for one week. Important posts should relate to the entire campus and reflect major happenings or changes. To request an announcement be placed in the Important Posts listing, divisional representatives should contact the Brand Strategy team.

TU Today email messages are sent to all @students.towson.edu and @towson.edu email accounts. In accordance with TU policies, students, faculty and staff cannot unsubscribe from the mailing list.

The TU Today website offers an archive of past TU Today announcements. Users can browse announcements in chronological order or use the search feature to find a specific post.

TU Today: Procedures and Protocol

Contributing Process and Whom to Contact:
All TU Today announcements must be approved by the appropriate authority. Approval procedures vary by division and department, but the Vice Presidents, Deans and the Director of Athletics are the final authority on posts for their respective areas. Once an announcement has been approved, it should be sent to the appropriate divisional representative for posting. Any member of the campus community may contribute submissions to TU Today via his or her appropriate representative, subject to provisions set forth in this policy.

Acceptable usages:

  • To disseminate information about policies, procedures and operations.
  • To announce faculty and/or staff training and development programs.
  • To announce service interruptions and closings due to planned maintenance, inclement weather, or emergency situations.
  • To announce significant structural and organizational changes.
  • College/major specific announcements.
  • Kudos announcements.


Faculty/Staff Kudos posts are encouraged to recognize the university-related achievements of Towson faculty and staff, such as presentations, publications, promotions and honors. To be included in the Kudos, please provide the honoree’s name and department/office followed by a brief description of a recent accomplishment (within the past 60 days). If possible, include links to applicable webpages, publication info and/or the names of involved organizations or institutions.  Kudos must be reviewed by the submitter’s dean or the dean’s designee. Kudos may be emailed directly to Timm Baldwin. All Kudos should be edited for length and AP style as necessary. Kudos do not announce or recognize ongoing research or works still in progress.

Example Kudos:
Jane R. Doe (English) had a poem, “Anguish and Ecstasy,” accepted for publication in the Western Reserve Review.

Unacceptable Uses:

TU Today is not a promotional tool for individuals, research or programs outside the university community. The following types of Announcements are NOT permitted on TU Today :

  • Announcements for off-campus events or organizations that are not affiliated or endorsed by Towson University.
  • Announcements for goods or services not sanctioned by and/or unrelated to university proceedings or functions.
  • Announcements for employment opportunities. Towson University has other venues for university-related job postings.
  • Personal or commercial announcements and announcements promoting personal, political or religious viewpoints.
  • Announcements for non-university sponsored sales, parties, stores, restaurants or similar for-profit events.
  • Announcements affecting only a small portion of the university community, such as an individual class or department.
  • Birthday announcements.

Personnel Announcements: Information regarding new hires, retirements, or deaths at the university is managed and published at the discretion of University Marketing.

The university uses the Events Master Calendar for posting about events. For more information, please refer to the Master Calendar website.

Events featured in the TU Today email are based on the EventScore from Localist. The EventScore is partially determined by things like clicks, amount of time spent on the event page, “I’m interested”, shares, etc. are all taken into account. It is a special formula designed and owned by Localist.

Similar to how Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pull content based on relevance, TU Today does the same thing with events within the email. It provides recipients with an edited feed of what others are interested in or planning on attending.

Divisional Representatives:

Administration and Finance
Pamela Gorsuch

Megan O’Brien

Inclusion & Institutional Equity
Paul Schuler
Dana Skabar

Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research
Arthur Smith

Office of the Provost
Jerri SumwaltProvost’s Office
Kameron CrumpProvost’s Office
Cassandra McCarthyCollege of Business and Economics
Kendall Miller – College of Education
Monica Pasko College of Education
Heather SorensenCollege of Fine Arts and Communication
Paula Zyne – College of Fine Arts and Communication
Molly WortmanCollege of Health Professions
Karen GemppCollege of Liberal Arts
Amanda Charles – Fisher College of Science and Mathematics
Robin WalczakGraduate Studies Office
Arlene Ceribelli Graduate Studies Office
Abbie Ecton – Honors College
Gail Gibbs— ISSO
Kelly Hughes— ISSO
Cynthia BakerLibrary
Joyce GarczynskiLibrary
Chris Metschulat — Registrar’s Office
Katherine Villamar— Study Abroad & Away 
Nick Campbell— Study Abroad & Away 

Student Affairs
Judy Rixham
Greg Primrose
Amanda Codd

Students can send requests to the Student Affairs contacts

University Advancement
Margaret Paulson
Karen Powell 

University Marketing
Erica Green
Timm Baldwin

Individuals who would like to be added to the list of TU Today representatives must contact their vice president or dean. The vice president/dean will then notify Timm Baldwin to have that individual as an authorized contributor.


Proofread content carefully before submitting announcements.

  • Misuse, abuse, or overuse may result in restriction or termination of posting rights.
  • Repeated inaccuracies that require posting/updating corrections, retractions or revisions may result in restriction or termination of posting rights.

All submissions are screened by University Marketing Specialists. All submissions are edited for clarity and accordance with the TU Web Style Guide (based on the Associated Press style guide). University Marketing is not responsible for correcting erroneous information in submissions, such as incorrectly reported dates, times, locations, event details, policies or procedures.