2021 Leave Usage for Regular Staff, Faculty, and Librarians

Don’t forfeit your leave!  Info on 2021 Leave & Winter Break

Regular Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff and 12-Month Faculty & Librarians


As we near the end of the year, please review the important information below about 2021 leave, floating holidays, and winter break. This information and the Significant Date Calendar will help you manage your leave and safeguard you from forfeiting leave.


2021 Leave

  • Personal leave and accrued holiday leave must be used by the pay period ending 1/11/22 or the leave will be forfeited.
  • The maximum amount of annual leave that can be carried into 2022 is 60 days (or 480 hours). This includes any annual leave earned and/or used in the pay period ending 1/11/22. This amount increased previously from 50 days to 60 days due to a temporary USM exception to annual leave carryover limits due to the circumstances related to COVID-19.
  • The maximum amount of annual leave part-time employees may carry over to 2022 is pro-rated based on the percentage of time employed.


2021 Floating Holidays

  • The floating holidays you earned or will earn this year include President’s Day (February 15), Columbus Day (October 11), and Veterans Day (November 11). You must be employed on the date of the holiday, and in an active pay status, to earn the floating holiday.
  • Floating holidays are intended to cover part of the winter break. If you do not save your floating holidays to cover winter break, you must use accrued personal or annual leave to cover those days.


Winter Break 

The dates of the 2021 winter break and corresponding holiday type are below:


Friday, December 24                       State holiday – Christmas Day (Observed)

Monday, December 27                  University holiday

Tuesday, December 28                  Floating holiday*

Wednesday, December 29           Floating holiday*

Thursday, December 30                 Floating holiday*

Friday, December 31                       State holiday – New Year’s Day (Observed)


*Employees without accrued floating holidays to cover these days above must use personal or annual leave.  Sick leave may not be used unless an employee is already on approved medical leave.


Employees in 24/7 operations should discuss their holiday leave schedule with their supervisors. Holiday leave earned in 2021 cannot be carried beyond 1/11/22.

 Helpful Reminders

  • Check your leave statement to ensure you have leave available before you record leave on your timesheet.
  • Use the appropriate leave code when completing your timesheet.
  • Check your timesheet to be sure any default timesheets are changed to reflect the leave used.
  • Use accrued personal and the extra holiday leave first since this leave does not carry beyond 1/11/22.
  • Manage your annual leave so you do not exceed the maximum 60-day carry over to next year.
  • Employees – Review your timesheet carefully before approving.
  • Supervisors – Review your employees’ time sheets for accuracy before approving and submitting them to payroll. You are able to check the employees’ leave by viewing their Leave Balance.


Please follow these guidelines.  If you have questions about your leave, email leavebenefits@towson.edu.


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