Parking Permit Rate Changes for 2022-2023

Parking & Transportation Services is introducing updated parking rates for the 2022-2023 academic year. Using data from the recently completed parking study as well as an analysis of campus-wide parking trends, the rate changes provide a lower cost option for commuter students and a more equitable tier structure for faculty and staff. As a result, more than 90% of students, faculty and staff will see their parking rate either stay the same or go down for the next academic year.

Parking rate changes will be effective for fall 2022 permit sales.  Permits for the coming year will be accepted as of August 15, 2022.

Student Parking

  • Duration-based pricing has been incorporated into the rates for the upcoming academic year. Those groups who utilize parking the most–like residents–will pay a higher rate than those who use parking resources less–such as commuters.
  • Proximity-based pricing has also been incorporated into the rate structure for students. Students who are assigned to, or choose to park in more remote areas such as the stadium lots, will pay a reduced rate.
  • Parking permit eligibility requirements, housing status and earned credits have not changed, and will still be utilized to determine permit eligibility.

Student Rates

Permit Type 2021/2022 Permit Rate 2022/2023 Permit Rate
Core Campus Annual $384 $384
Remote-Overflow Annual $384 $192
Resident Annual $384 $480
Core Campus Fall Term $220 $211
Remote-Overflow Fall Term $220 $106
Core Campus Spring Term $220 $211
Remote-Overflow Spring Term $220 $106


Faculty & Staff Parking

  • Additional parking rate tiers (Tier F, G, H) have been added for more equitable pricing.
  • The rate change between parking permit rate tiers has been realigned for a more equitable transition between tiers.
  • Eligibility requirements for special rates (ex. adjuncts, rreen vehicle discounts, etc.) have not changed.

Faculty/Staff Parking Rates

Parking Tier Code Salary Range 2021/2022 Parking Tier Rates 2022/2023 Parking Tier Rates
A Less than $19,999

& Adjuncts





B $20K to $39,999 $326 $260
C $40K to $59,999 $513 $416
D $60k to $79,999 $672 $624
E $80k to $99,999 $1040 $1,040
F $100k to $119,999 $1097 $1,066
G $120k to $139,999 $1097 $1,092
H $140k to $159,999 $1097 $1,118
I $160k and above $1097 $1,144
Reserved NA $1,297 $1,560


Permit sales for the 2022-2023 academic year will begin at 9 a.m. Monday, July 25. As a reminder, faculty and staff salary as of June 30, 2022 will determine the parking tier rate for the 22-23 academic year.

Please monitor future TU Today announcements, emails, or the Parking website for more information regarding parking permit sales and payment options for the upcoming academic year. For additional information, please visit the Parking website, use our website chat feature, email, or call our office at 410-704-PARK(7275) and select option 1.



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