Dialogue@TU Faculty and Staff Spring 2022 *Virtual** Level Two Training Session: Participation and Overview of Facilitation

This half-day training will provide Level 1-trained participants with the practice settings to participate in and observe dialogues on difficult topics.  This will also be an opportunity to learn more about the in-course, sustained Dialogue model, as well as out-of-class facilitations. 

Level 1 Training (or comparable experience) is a prerequisite for Level 2 Training. This session will be capped at 60. Please register here! 

Level 2 Dialogue will occur virtually from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday, Mar. 11. A Zoom link will be sent upon registration. 

About Dialogue@TU 

TU is committed to ensuring all voices are heard, and that all individuals are respected. On our path toward a more inclusive and supportive environment, the Office of the Provost along with OIIE staff are pleased to offer certification in three TU Dialogue Workshops: TU Dialogue Theory Training, TU Dialogue Practice Facilitation, and TU Dialogue Observation and Certification. 

Join the Dialogue@TU Team of certified and skilled facilitators for these sessions, which will provide: 

  • greater understanding of how different dialogue approaches (including sustained and intergroup) can foster awareness and interaction between members of two or more different groups; 
  • strategies for managing challenging conversations including race, social identity, and other divisive topics; 
  • tools to facilitate dialogues with students in college courses or with colleagues sharing office; 
  • and tools for facilitating in both in-person and virtual environments.  

Contact Dialogue@towson.edu with any questions or accommodation requests. 

* * * Please register if trained prior to January 2019. Please share with others interested in becoming a certified Dialogue@TU facilitator. * * *

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