What You Need to Know About the Campus Clearance Tracker

As part of expanded efforts to protect the health of all Tigers on campus, TU has implemented a new online tool, the Campus Clearance Tracker. This shows the COVID-19-related tasks each person must complete if they plan to be on campus, including daily QuickScans, sentinel tests and other required actions.

This spring, students, faculty and staff that are on campus routinely must complete every task assigned and keep their status clear. Everyone is encouraged to check their status daily, and you may be asked to show proof of a CLEAR status in order to gain access to certain academic spaces, facilities, some campus events and select campus buildings, like Cook Library, Burdick Hall, and residence halls. Some professors may also require proof of a clear status for entry to in-person classes.

To continue living and learning on campus it’s critical we all do our part. You can access the Campus Clearance Tracker by visiting towson.edu/clearance, and we encourage you to get familiar with this tool and save the link for easy access. For more information, visit the tracker webpage – and thanks for doing your part to keep our campus safe and healthy.

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This post was written by Mello, Nicholas J.