New Mileage Reimbursement Rate for 2020

Effective January 1, 2020 the mileage reimbursement rate has decreased from .58 to .575 cents per mile. This change has been reflected in Tiger Travel.  The travel system will capture and calculate the correct mileage if the correct travel date is used.

Voucher Review due to rate change

For trips beginning in December, but ending January please list the December 2019 departure date on one line and the January 2020 return date on the next line.

Mileage Logs need to be submitted separately!

For travelers submitting mileage logs, they must end their reporting period in December 2019 for December miles.  They will need to begin a new log and new e-form for the January 2020 travel dates in order for the system to pick up the correct mileage rate information.

Reminder:  Monthly Mileage Reimbursements – All Folder Dates must match the last day on the employee’s attached mileage logs.  Forms not dated correctly will need to be recycled for repair.

For questions please contact the Business Travel Office at 410-704-5421 or

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