Prevent and Report Misuse of State Resources

As citizens of the State of Maryland and employees of Towson University, a constituent institution of the University System of Maryland and an agency of the State of Maryland, we must protect and preserve valuable State and University resources and ensure that these resources are used for the benefit of those we serve. This is a reminder to all employees of the importance of safeguarding State and University resources against improper usage. Please be mindful when utilizing these resources to ensure that they are used for legitimate business purposes. When acquiring these resources, please be mindful of the expenditures and ensure we don’t already have resources on hand to use. This can preserve funding for both the University and the State.

Employees may contact the Management Advisory and Compliance Services (MACS) directly to report any fraud concerns, compliance implications, or fiscal irregularities or may report anonymously via SpeakTU.  SpeakTU is a 24/7 university ethics and compliance hotline managed by a third-party for reporting possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct.

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This post was written by Gorsuch, Pamela