Electronic Access for the Media Center & Stephens Annex

The Office of Public Safety is adding electronic OneCard access to the exterior doors of the Media Center and Stephens Annex. The work is part of TU’s plan to reinforce the safety of all campus buildings by installing card access.

Beginning Monday, April 1, 2019, students, faculty and staff will need OneCard access to enter the Media Center and Stephens Annex outside of regular operating hours. The building operating hours are:

Media Center

Mon. – Thur.               6:00 AM to 10:30 PM

Fri.                               6:00 AM to   9:00 PM

Sat.                              9:30 AM to   7:00 PM

Stephens Annex

Mon. – Fri.                  8:00 AM to   6:00 PM

Authorized staff have had their TU ID cards programmed for access outside of the building operating hours.

If you have questions about the installation, contact Craig Fringer at x4-5665 or cfringer@towson.edu.


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