Interested in Presenting?

“Interested in Presenting?”

Have you been inspired by or have you inspired others?  Do you or someone you know have an interesting workshop that they would like to present at the Staff Development Conference? Maybe someone who is an inspirational speaker, someone who teaches Dance/ Yoga / Zumba/ Art / History of the Area/ Etc. The theme for the 2019 Staff Development Conference is “25 Years of Inspiring Change”.  In the spirit of change, we heard your feedback and would like to solicit for your ideas and proposals for the Staff Development Conference workshops for 2019.


Please complete this form (see link below) by February 8th  if you have an idea for a workshop that you would like to present or have any questions regarding the conference.

Please note: there is NO monetary compensation for presenting at the conference, it is strictly a voluntarily event.


Feel free to forward this email to Faculty, BTU Partners, TU Vendors or anyone you know that may be interested.  All ideas are welcome.


SAVE THE DATE:  JUNE 5, 2019   

Staff Development Conference

West Village Commons


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