Announcing the TU Study Away program!

The Office of the Provost is pleased to announce the TU Study Away program. TU Study Away will provide learning opportunities for students taught in context within the United States. Administered by the Study Abroad Office, TU Study Away will include short-term domestic faculty-led academic programs as well as semester or year-long opportunities at other institutions in the U.S. and beyond through the National Student Exchange. In alignment with the University’s mission and strategic plan, these unique academic experiences will further expand TU’s emphasis on experiential learning and help prepare graduates who will serve as effective, ethical leaders, and engaged citizens.

National Student Exchange (previously administered by the TU Academic Advising Center)
The National Student Exchange (NSE) program provides accessible collegiate study away to undergraduate students at member colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The NSE offers semester and year-long academic experiences. TU students pay their normal tuition and fees to TU and room/board fees to the host campus. The NSE allows students to broaden their personal and educational experiences while exploring new regions and cultures. Participants have the opportunity to take courses not offered at the home campus, to learn from different professors, to explore new areas of study, and to investigate graduate schools or future employment in a different region. Students also benefit by breaking out of their comfort zone and acquiring life skills.

TU Study Away Faculty-Led Programs
TU Study Away Faculty-Led programs provide an opportunity for TU students to study in context within the US. These short-term credit-bearing academic experiences will range from one to three weeks in length and may be offered as stand-alone programs or as an embedded component of a semester-long course. The programs will increase access to experiential learning for TU students. Proposals to lead a program must be reviewed and approved by the academic department chair, dean, and the TU Faculty-Led Study Away Programs Subcommittee. Faculty leaders will work with the TU Study Abroad Office to develop and implement the program.

Visit the TU National Student Exchange webpage to learn more about the NSE or contact the TU Study Abroad Office at to discuss ideas for a TU Study Away domestic faculty-led program.

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